08 Juli 2008

The new toaster property of the older brother

In the holiday this time, we as a family visited at the brother's house at Jakarta.

Understand that, my children if was there really felt at home. My brother really spoiled them. From the toy that was asked for by my child until going around out the city all was followed by him

The holiday this time tasted very other, because by chance in Jakarta was showed about the Dinosaur. That made them more kept there, to be the wife's cooking of my older brother who was famous for a long time delicious.

As the businessman catering, he had kitchen equipment from that was manual to very modern

For example the toaster, that made Restu liked to eat toast.

My wife really was attracted by the toaster "Cuisinart Cpt-120 Cast Metal 2-Slice" property of my Sister. This toaster was bought from the Amozon.com site by means of online. The Sister’s reason used this toaster because of the Cuisinart Toaster that it bought very great, roasted bread evenly and quickly. It was easy to use and to clean it, for the electricity power that was used also was not so big.

"This toaster also really helped me, especially in serving the order for the official's breakfast that spent the night in mess a house." clearly my sister in law. Initially I confusion to get the good toaster, the previous experience was bought by me the other make toaster, was not yet six the month has been broken and made electric current short circuits.

Afterwards was suggested by the colleague of the business to look for information through the internet about the quality toaster high product, was easy his instruction and not wasteful electricity.

When I explored the site in the internet was obtained by me the site address about the toaster with various forms of different price bargaining.
After studied thoroughly, finally I ordered through Amazon.

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