07 Februari 2009

Fulfillment overview

Fulfillment, also known as order fulfillment or product fulfillment, is the process by which a person or company to meet their obligations to send the items or products that people have been ordered, purchased, or requested from the organization.
Order fulfillment is the most complete in the sense that the investigation process from the point of sale for the product to the customer. Order fulfillment sometimes used more narrowly to describe the action or logistic distribution function, but, in the broader sense refers to the way companies respond to customer orders.

Fulfillment will usually refer to the services provided by a company that offers to store, receive orders, package, and means of transportation, such as a cargo ship to send to the end consumer.

Fulfillment companies usually will not take full responsibility for damage to the product unless they are directly responsible, and take full responsibility for product shrinkage, unless you can prove that they are directly responsible. This practice will vary depending on the acceptance of the procedure used by the fulfillment companies. Usually considered to verify if the fulfillment companies, they will accept responsibility for the larger items in their care, but if they receive the package to include an accurate list of inventory, they will not be responsible as the depreciation.

Fulfillment companies act as a shipping center for their client companies. If there are errors in the process of delivery or poor handling procedures, it will become a client company that will receive a bad reputation

Most order fulfillment service providers will make a list of "standard cartons" available to to their customers. If your product does not fit in this package, you will need to provide your own packaging, or to pay an additional charge.

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