29 Januari 2009

Mil-Spec Circuit Breakers

Development of the electronics world at this time increasingly sophisticated demands of experts in designing the product quality. Especially in the field of culture in military electronic systems.

Engineers who designed military vehicles and equipment to face the challenges, Circuit Breakers must design the right to protect the device in the computer that ensure reliable performance in mission-critical situation in their military operations.

Unfortunately, many experts assume that the circuit breaker will be ideal to provide protection if meet military specifications, but without the presence or Mil-Spec Circuit Breakers is not the most important election. In fact, designers have to ignore or even exceed Mil-Spec Circuit Breakers in many circuit-protection applications.

More than fifty active military specifications and hundreds of private industry specification applies to Circuit Breakers. However, the understanding of the basic characteristics of Circuit Breakers and a large operation to help designers select the circuit breaker in the most appropriate for their application.

Choosing the correct circuit breaker technology is very important for each application. There are four types of circuit breaker technology to choose from:

* Thermal;
* Thermal-magnetic;
* Magnetic, and
* High-performance.

If you need a military Circuit Breakers, the equipment must comply with all requirements mil-spec. Such as remote control Circuit Breakers (RCCB), which functions as a combination of relay and circuit breaker also considered, this device functions as the control circuits and high power control signal to the cockpit. The relay circuit breaker combination that should remove the power cord, and so will increase efficiency and reduce the weight of the entire system, and the number of components.

Mil-spec Circuit Breakers are available with a wide range of flexible and fully functional features, you can find on the internet.

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Baka Kelana mengatakan...


Baka Kelana mengatakan...

Nice info and article

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